The Top 7 PDF To Excel Converter for Windows 10

The fear of having the wrong PDF to Excel Converter is something that we all experience when we first go out to the website to pick the correct converting software. Unfortunately, I had to try all the converting tools before I settled for the converter that meets my converting needs since I had no guidance with the purchasing of one.

However, that should not be the case with you as here are the very best of the PDF to Excel Converters that you will ever come across. If there are any doubts on which programme to go for, out of this seven listed, I can you reassure that getting informed on their features is the first correct step to the nearing of having yourself the greatest converter running on you device.

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PDF2Excel PDF Converter

If you think that the prices of the Able2Extract PDF Converter is unfriendly think of it giving you the return at a period of only thirty days. Despite that, it offers premium services that other converters needs an additional fee to get such services. Whether for small or business use, this is the best PDF to Excel for Windows that will have you covered and working on your Excel documents won’t be as tiresome as before. Go and purchase the Able2Extracrt PDF Converter and thank me later. Here are some of the features that it drags along with.

  • The PDF2Excel PDF Converter features a very simple to follow three converting procedure making the adaption of using this converter very fast.
  • The PDF2Excel PDF Converter has the ability to convert up to a recording 500 pages at the same time which means that even the biggest files can be easily converted within a short time.
  • Features “Single Page Structure” that allows user to convert PDF of multiple pages by compiling them into one.
  • The interface features a multiple internationally recognised languages such as Italian, English, French and in Portuguese.
  • Apart from converting Excel documents it can also convers invoices, receipts, business cards and the list goes on.
  • It also converts scanned PDF files directly to Excel documents.

Able2Extract PDF Converter

It is time to give yourself a break from all the time that you have been spending retyping all your PDFs which have all been unsuccessful due o a lot of errors rendering you tired and frustrated. That should not be the case anymore as the Able2Extract PDF Converter within a few seconds it enables you meet the recommended deadlines to work on your files despite the size of your document. Those who have ever used the Able2Extract Converter will bear me witness that it saves on cost at about eight five percent and the time it saves when working on a single task is just amazing.

  • This software has the ability to convert PDFs that are generate digitally or that are have been scanned from printed paperwork into a series of other formats including Excel and other major formats Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Open Office to mention just a few.
  • With the Able2 Extract PDF Converter running it is a guarantee that you will be able to directly convert raw text formats for all your Information Technology professionals and analysing data.
  • It also supports previewing of all your document before perfectly aligning it and formatting Excel spreadsheets for future analysis.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

Every time, I am told to give a brief description on what this top PDF to Excel Windows Converter does I am always cut short because there are no enough words to describe this software. This is because it has very many magical features. It is simply a converter of a million words. When I was searching for a converter that will handle all my converting needs, the TalkHelper appeared first and once I gave it a try I got hooked to it. This is because it always made me feel lively every time I used it and writing become more of a hobby than a task as I used to view it before. That is a major feature that pushed me to using the TalkHelper but it was supplemented by these other features.

  • TalkHelper PDF Converter has been integrated with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Drop Box, and the One Drives that allows you to save and access your files.
  • OCR can be used to extract texts from images and add them into a new PDF file for review.
  • User can get free additional free upgrades online via Web Browsers for the free software.
  • Some other additional features that make the TalkHelper PDF Converter a top notch converter are for example the components that allow user to insert pages and annotation of the work.
  •  It has a very intuitive user interface that has cartoonish icons with blue and white background display to make it look lively

Wondershare PDF Converter

The quote that there is no perfect converter needs to be out rightly withdrawn as this converter to me disqualifies that statement. From the smart interface to the one of a kind it features makes this converter an unrivalled software.  When it comes to converting it by a big percentage saves on time and energy. What does perfection mean if it is not the following features that the Wondershare PDF Converter offers? When you look in depth what this converter does you will agree with me that it deserves to be awarded the tittle of the best PDF Converter. Here are some enticing features that it offers.

  • Features a 24 hours response system that is well informed on everything Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter to assist you with any issue that may bug you while using this converter.
  • Integrated with advanced encryptions and fraud protections to ensure that all your documents are well protected. This guarantees that all your documents are well protected.
  • Comes with a lifetime free update and key codes are sent within a short time which is done automatically in a matter of minutes.
  • Users can easily reuse data from their Microsoft Excel and at the same time convert PDF files perfectly into Excel documents.

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro

The way this converter performs task in a cool way is really impressive. The outputs are of high quality and the features are on another level of its own. The iSkysoft PDF Converter I can confess delivers more than its expectations from the first glance you can downgrade it just from the first impression it gives before using it. The services it offers honestly speaking is great. Messages of gratitude have been flocking the customers’ review evidently showing that it has been helpful to almost all the purchasers.

  • The iSkysoft PDF Converter gives the option to merge multiple files to a record of a maximum of up to 200 PDF files into a one document at a go.
  • User is not only able to split a single document into different documents but also work with a specified range of pages.
  • The text styles, font colours and size, hyperlinks page layout and other styles of formatting are maintained even after conversion.
  • Conversion of PDF files is easy and it can be done in different formats starting from Microsoft Excel to Word, PowerPoint and other office documents.
  • Features a precise Optical Character Recognition technology that helps turning scanned documents into other styles.

Nitro PRO

When travelling you should not be worried anymore on working on those Excel spreadsheets. The Nitro Pro PDF Converter is a top notch converting tool that allows you to work on any PDF file from anywhere at any given time. The task of having to retype your work into the spreadsheets should come to a dead end and this cannot be made any easier other than using the this magical converting software that we are all familiar with. Just to know what to expect about the Nitro Pro PDF Converter here is just a list of the features it possesses.

  • When converting it is noticed that every layout, columns, tables and graphics are well maintained.
  • Offers various choices to convert your either digitally created PDF file or scanned PDF file such as Microsoft Excel 2003 XML spreadsheets or even Excel 2007 Workbook amongst various other formats.
  • User does not have to wait for output in their email as through the desktop version output is saved directly in the computer.
  • Conversion is indeed very fast and takes a matter of seconds.
  • Has an easy to use user interface that resembles that of the Microsoft Word in all aspects.
  • It has an easy step by step converting procedure that ensures no one gets lost in the process of converting PDF files into XML Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Who wants to be wasting more of his her time retyping work and spending a lot of time behind a desktop frustrating him or herself with the same task because they lacked an efficient PDF converter. The answer is definitely NO! Then if the task of putting back words in the Excel spreadsheets has taken most of your time then just go to website and purchase an Acrobat DC converter to help you deal with that once and for all. You will thank me later that I am not debating about. Here is some of the few features it possesses.


  • You can work on your PDF files from anywhere in your device converting any document into well organised Microsoft Excel files.
  • Once you have scanned your papered document it allows the user through the Optical Character Recognition to successfully convert such PDF files into Microsoft Excel files.
  • User when dealing with a range of products from a certain PDF he or she does not have to convert the entire PDF document but rather extract the desired texts.
  • Not only does it convert PDF files into Excel but also Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and vice versa.
  • User can also directly edit scanned documents before converting them.




There are other range of converting tools that can as well perform tasks as other of the above mentioned converting software. However, there are some additional features either on prices or quality of output yielded on this PDF file formats that have made this converters be ranked as the best. With the above guideline I do not believe that making the right decision on the most appropriate will be a hassle like it was before without reviewing and reflecting the features of these converters.

No one should be doubting the essence of having a converting tool by now. Not at least if he or she handles Microsoft Excel files. Finding that ideal converter software for your Windows device that suites all your need could not be any easier with the above review.s